AWS + Wordpress!

This site is now powered by Amazon Web Services, running Wordpress!  

What started as a curious exploration, resulted in me moving hosting from to Amazon Web Services + Wordpress!

I remember reading somewhere that Amazon Web Services now powers around 1% of the whole world wide web (that is four w's, somehow). The article left me curious and I wanted to figure out AWS. And in the process, I decided it was high time to move my website from Yola's restrictive hosting and blogging environment to Wordpress, with which I am in love since almost half a decade now.

It is not a difficult process at all. Granted, at one stage I was back to my (very old) developer self, installing PHP, configuring Apache, installing Wordpress. And there was a time when I was not exactly sure of what I was doing (logging in using SSH, running commands like 'sudo', 'yum' etc. etc.)

Here is how I transferred from Yola to AWS :

  1. Sign up for AWS
  2. Get an EBS backed 64-bit Wordpress Linux image up and running. There is more than enough material available from Amazon to help you on this.
  3. SSH to the linux instance, install PHP, MySQL. Wordpress and Apache were already installed, if I remember correctly.
  4. Configure Wordpress and plugins. I chose TwentyEleven as my theme (for now).
  5. Migrate existing blog posts from to Wordpress using RSS Importer plugin.
  6. Get a (free) IP for your instance and update the 'A' record with the domain registrar to point to AWS.

Thats it! It took me a while, and I have not migrated a lot of pages from my old site to this one. But I am happy with the outcome, and plan to build this website. And finally, it feels good to be back on my favorite blogging platform. had become too constrained and restrictive to me.

One important point to note : There is no direct migration tool from Yola to Wordpress, but trust me, RSS Importer works fine. All you need to do is fix the image paths in your blog posts, something that was not a big deal to me since I had only 22 of these to migrate. If you have more, I am sure there is a code snippet somewhere, that allows you to change image paths in blog posts using regex or something.

Welcome to the all new!