Just returned!

Just returned from a 10-day business trip to Stuttgart Germany, Copenhagen Denmark and Paris France. Stuttgart is squeaky clean and of course, Germany has one of the best rail networks in the world. I found the German people to be kind, helping and very efficient. "Danke" to you! My visit to Copenhagen was limited to a night in the hotel followed by a meeting in the morning. The Danish are very down to earth and honest as well as helpful. Oh, and they really have very many wind mills there. Excellent for Mother Earth.

What to say about Paris? You can spend days or even weeks in the Louvre, or roaming around the Paris of old, admiring its beautiful gothic architecture. Also, do visit that structure of metal which was supposed to be a temporary over a hundred years ago but is now the icon of the city and indeed the country. Beautiful !

One thing common for all the three places is that Europe has one of the best public transportation system. You really dont need a car to get around the town. Plus many people prefer walking or own a bicycle for short commutes. This is something everybody can learn from and explains why they have the lowest carbon footprint in the developed world.

BTW, almost everybody in the above mentioned cities understands English pretty well and there is (more than) sufficient information available for you to get around these cities without a worry.

Hopefully some pictures and guides in the next few posts if I really get some time on hand.