Kindle + Readability!

I am a proud owner of a Kindle. So proud, that I have recommended it to my friends and family. I have also demonstrated it, showcased it, and even lent it to a few of them to help them make up their minds on buying a Kindle. Currently the only option to get a Kindle in India is to (somehow) get it from the US, or ask Amazon to ship it to you, wherein they handle customs etc. So you either travel or have someone get one for you, or pay up more money to get it online. Hopefully Amazon has plans to retail this wonderful product in India sometime soon.

The reading experience on a Kindle is awesome, to say the least. And it’s an amazing device for a regular reader (not a fast one). The experience of reading on Kindle is as close as it gets to read an actual physical book. Plus being an electronic device, you also get a dozen of other useful features. (Dictionary, Social sharing, Notes, Highlighting are the ones I use regularly).

You can buy books and get them wirelessly on your kindle in no time. Books that were not available before or that are costlier in paperback are now available within a few mouse clicks.

That brings me to Readability. Apart from books, a lot of content is created every day in byte sized chunks, on blogs and websites. And it is really difficult to read on the web. Apart from the obvious technology related shortcomings of reading on an LCD screen, most of the websites litter good articles with ads, plugs and what not.

Readability solves that problem, and gets the good stuff on your kindle for an enjoyable & distraction free reading experience. With its browser add-ons, you can reduce the cluttered article in a browser to a readable format and send it to your kindle for wireless syncing. So if you do read long-ish articles everyday, but would rather have a better experience doing it, Kindle + Readability is what you need!