Predictions for FIFA World Cup 2010!

The draw to the FIFA Football World Cup 2010 South Africa was recently announced. The football world cup is the biggest sporting event in the world and is happening on the african continent for the first time. For a complete coverage, check out the links below :FIFA - The Official Website of the FIFA World Cup BBC Sports Football

After the draw many football experts have thrown there hat in the ring and predicted the outcome, based solely on perception & the draw. Here are my predictions for the world cup :

Round of 16

  • France vs. Greece
  • Argentina vs. Mexico
  • England vs. Australia
  • Germany vs. Slovenia
  • Netherlands vs. Paraguay
  • Italy vs. Denmark
  • Brazil vs. Switzerland
  • Spain vs. Portugal

Quarter Finals

  • France vs. Argentina
  • England vs. Germany
  • Netherlands vs. Italy
  • Brazil vs. Spain

Semi Finals

  • Argentina vs. England
  • Netherlands vs. Spain


  • Argentina vs. Spain

FIFA World Cup 2010 Winners : Spain

Lets see how these pan out!