Premier League Season 2010/2011 Review!

Although the English Premier League Season for 2010/2011 has ended almost a month ago, I have just found some time to review the predictions I made back in August 2010, and see how those panned out. My Club I expected Roy Hodgson to stick around and change the fortunes of my club. While the former did not stick around for too long, the later almost happened. With Kenny Dalglish taking the reins at Liverpool, enthusiasm and energy is once again visible in the team and we now play with a lot more flair and confidence. Although my prediction was for Liverpool to be in the top four all season long, the way things ended, we were quiet lucky to just miss on a Europa League position by finishing sixth.

Title Contenders I had predicted that the title contenders will be Manchester United and Chelsea, but in the end it was a one horse race, and cost Carlo Ancelotti his job. Sad to see Manchester United winning the league again, but they were never really given a run for their money by anybody. I lose out again by predicting Chelsea to pick up the Premier League.

Rest of the Best With Liverpool not fairing in the top four, both Manchester City and Arsenal get a place in the top four, while Tottenham had to make do with a place in the Europa League. And none of them was consistent enough to deserve anything more than this.

The Upper Mid Table I predicted Birmingham, Aston Villa, Everton & Newcastle to finish up with the top half of the table, but Birmingham could not even manage to prolong their stay in the league and Newcastle finished 12th. In their place came Fulham and Sunderland, two teams I could not have thought about.

The Other Half While I predicted a tight battle for relegation, what we saw was a bottom half as tough and unpredictable as any in recent seasons. My bets for relegation were West Brom, Blackpool & Wolves, but in the end it was Blackpool, Birmingham and West Ham who got relegated. And West Brom finished 11th!

So here is my prediction and final results side by side for a quick recap :

Prediction Result
Liverpool 3rd 6th
Title Chelsea Manchester United
Champions League Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal
Europa League Arsenal Tottenham
Relegation West Brom, Blackpool, Wolves Birmingham, Blackpool, West Ham

As you can clearly see, betting is clearly not an advisable career option for me :) !