Smartphone Apps!

Like many of you, I carry a smartphone (Nokia 5800) in my pocket. Whether you have a Nokia, a Blackberry, an iPhone or any other smartphone in your pocket, you will find these applications useful : 1. Mail for Exchange 2. Opera Mini 3. Gmail Client 4. Google Search 5. Google Maps

[I have purposefully left out games and social networking related apps here.]

Google provides three of the five applications in my list, but Microsoft's Mail for Exchange simply rocks. Another interesting fact is that although Opera has very little share in the regular browser market, it has created a following in the mobile browser segment.

Some gripes though:

1. Would really like a Google Reader application, better still if it is integrated in the Gmail application. Also, the Gmail team should really provide a proper resolution icon, as currently it is the worst icon on my Nokia 5800 menu screen.

2. Opera should provide seperate applications for touchscreen and regular smartphones as I find the buttons too small for fast and accurate use on my touchscreen Nokia 5800.

3. Maps loading and routing can be improved a thousand times.

4. Mail for Exchange rocks, but when will we have the capability to read HTML emails properly? And folders support? Maybe RSS can be added here as well, like in Outlook 2007.