The new iPad!

The new iPad I bought the new iPad (White, Wifi, 16GB) a couple of months ago. The primary argument against an iPad till now was this perception that it's nothing more than an oversized iPod or iPhone.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Today, the iPad has become my primary go-to device. The screen is gorgeous. Performance is snappy & fluid. Touch on the iPad's large screen is responsive and intuitive. I use it for Browsing, Games, Reading, Music and connecting with my friends and family. In short, gratification is instantaneous.

Till now, I was the single user for all my gadgets. Nobody in my family found them interesting. New laptop? Kindle? iPod Touch? XBOX? Nope. Not interested. But the iPad is changing this. A quick peek at email. Pick up the iPad. Listen to a song or play a game to kill a few minutes. iPad. Google this or that. iPad again. Everybody in my family leans towards the iPad first. And many times a need for a second one arises. :))

Nothing beats the iPad for the fantastic browsing experience it offers. Browsing is fast and rendering is world-class. The retina display is awesome. I use Flipboard for news and articles on tech, design, photos etc. I fear for my Google Reader usage. Flipboard has my undivided attention for atleast 30 minutes per day. Every day. Add Kindle apps and the excellent iBooks, and reading was never this much fun. For eBooks however, I still prefer my Kindle.

Going through email and checking social networks is a breeze. With wireless sync, music is always up to date. Skype, Facetime and iMessage provide a fantastic and fast experience while communicating with friends and family.

The App Store is the place for great, high quality apps. Believe me. Games like Cut the Rope, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Temple Run, NFS and Infinity Blade have made everybody in my family an amateur gamer.

Battery life is excellent. Charging is super fast and non-linear. The iPad feels comfortable to hold, and is sturdy enough. On-screen keyboard is usable. I rarely use the rear camera for pictures, but it does provide decent picture quality.  Once in a while, I do stumble upon a website using flash, but this happens less frequently than I initially feared.

All in all, iPad is a fantastic device and the best tablet out there. Highly recommended!