The Premier League Season 2010/11

The big kick off of the English Premier League Season 2010-11 is almost upon us. From tomorrow, we will start the emotional roller coaster ride that comes with supporting your favorite football team in the premier league (in my case, Liverpool). My predictions for the season :- My Club : Liverpool With Roy Hodgson, I expect a turnaround in my club's fortunes this season. I also expect a more common sense approach and good football. Predicting my team to be in the top 3 all season, with a good chance at the cup competitions. And hopefully, no Lucas & Ngog.

Title Contenders : Manchester United & Chelsea As much as I hate to admit it, but the battle for the title will be amongst these two. And I could not care less as to who wins it. (I would go for Chelsea, obviously)

Rest of the Best : Arsenal, Machester City, Tottenham Only one of these to get the remaining champions league spot. My bet will be on Manchester City. I do not see Tottenham and Arsenal to be consistent throughout the season.

The Upper Mid Table : Aston Villa, Birmingham, Everton, Newcastle These guys will offer a good game at home but will struggle on the road, and I think they will find themselves in the mid table comfort zone.

The Other Half : Blackburn, Bolton, Fulham, Stoke, Sunderland, West Brom, West Ham, Wigan, Blackpool & Wolves Nothing to chose from. Three of these are going to go down. All of them will be anxious about their fate all season. My bet for relegation will be West brom, Blackpool and Wolves.

So here is my prediction for the premier league table :- 01. Chelsea 02. Manchester United 03. Liverpool 04. Manchester City 05. Arsenal 06. Tottenham 07. Birmingham 08. Aston Villa 09. Everton 10. Newcastle 11. Fulham 12. Blackburn 13. Bolton 14. Stoke 15. Sunderland 16. West Ham 17. Wigan 18. West Brom 19. Blackpool 20. Wolves

Also, a warm welcome to Newcastle and Ian Holloway. Let the games begin!